Will the 2016 Elections Impact California iPoker Regulation

2016-democratic-electionThe 2016 Presidential Election process is in full swing with both parties marching towards nominating a candidate. Every time there is an election, online poker players start evaluating which candidate will do the best job for their interests.

This year, online poker players are watching multiple stores. The first is who will become President and the other is whether online poker will be regulated in 2016. Some believe that Presidential race will have an impact on whether online poker will pass.

Those believing that need to consider the recent history in California politics and focus instead on the elections in the State Senate and the Assembly.

California is Going to Vote for Hillary – No Need to Even Debate It

Based on the voting history of California over the last 24 years, it is a virtual given that the state will select Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States. The last time that the Golden State selected a Republican was in 1988 when George H.W. Bush won the White House.

Since that time, the state has voted overwhelmingly for Democrats. Chances are that Donald Trump will choose to campaign lightly if at all in California due to this fact. In 2012, Mitt Romney didn’t really bother to campaign in California because it was assumed that Obama would walk away with the state’s 55 electoral votes.

Editors Note: We are assuming at this point that it will be Trump-Clinton in 2016. It will take both Cruz and Sanders virtually running the board to win the nomination for either party.

The Entire Assembly is Up For ReElection in 2016

In an interview with PokerUpdate earlier this year, Daniel Negreanu alluded to the fact that California lawmakers will have more important things to worry about this year than online poker. He wasn’t joking. The entire California Assembly is up for reelection in 2016.

That’s 51 seats held by Democrats, 28 held by Republicans and 1 current vacancy. Eight Democrats and six Republicans are ineligible to run again due to term limits. For those that are eligible to return, how many are going to actually be interested in regulating online poker in 2016? How high on their priority list, or rather their campaign list is iGaming and will it provide them any benefit with constituents.

With attention focused firmly on keeping their jobs, don’t hold your breath that online poker will move forward this year.

Half of the State Senate is Up for Election

In addition to the 80 different Assembly elections to be held this month, half of the State Senate will also be embattled in the election process. Twenty of the 40 Senate seats are up for grabs this year. Six of those 20 are ineligible to run again.

Just like with the Assembly, those looking to get reelected are likely not going to do anything regarding iPoker unless they believe it is not going to hurt them in their bid to retain power. We know that iPoker regulation shouldn’t be a taboo issue in a state such as California, but it isn’t exactly on the same level as the state drought, unemployment and other state matters.

Go Out and Vote But Wait Until 2017 for Regulated iPoker

We’d like to give some overly positive message that online poker will pass in 2016 regardless of what is going on in local and national politics, but that would be a lie. While we don’t believe the Presidential race will impact iPoker regulation, there really no way that the local races will not impact the process.

With that said, those living in California should take the time and look over your potential candidates to see which will be supportive of online poker regulation. If their other value match with yours, make sure you go out and vote for that candidate when the time comes.

Even if online poker is not one of your main campaign concerns, we still urge you to get out and vote in this year’s elections. We cannot stress how important this contest is and you need to vote for those that you feel have this nation’s best interests at heart. Get out and vote and let iPoker regulation take care of itself afterwards.

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