Five Reasons the PokerStars Pro Tour Has Been a Success

LCPThe PokerStars Pro Tour is currently wrapping up its inaugural stops in California. PokerStars officials and Team Pros are promoting online poker legislation in California and introducing players to potential future that includes legal online poker in California.

Overall, the tour has been a positive experience for everyone involved and many are awaiting future dates from the company. Below are five reasons why the PokerStars Pro Tour has been a success.

Rare Opportunity to Rub Elbows with Pros

For many players at these smaller casinos, the PokerStars Pro Tour represents a unique chance to interact with the pros they see on TV and on the internet. Many of these recreational players will never have the chance to play Daniel Negreanu in the largest venues on the planet but the PokerStars Pro Tour gives them the chance to do just that.

Think about when you first started playing poker. Which pros were your favorites to follow? If you found out they were going to be in your neighborhood, what lengths would you go to meet them. Then they ask you to support online poker? Of course, you will.

Chance to Get Both Sides of the Story

Sadly, much of the propaganda that has been spread about online poker in California has been from anti-iPoker and anti-PokerStars groups. This has painted overly negative picture of PokerStars and the industry in general.

The PokerStars Pro Tour allows player to meet with company officials and Team PokerStars pros to talk about California online poker and the misinformation provided by other groups.

The tour is a great way for players to get both sides of the story and then make their own decision regarding where they stand.

Experience the PokerStars Client

For some players, the reason they don’t have an opinion regarding online poker is because they’ve never played online poker. The PokerStars Pro Tour will give players a chance to check out the PokerStars client to see how easy it is to play poker in California and how much fun playing online poker really is.

Educating the Uninformed that Online Poker is on the Horizon

As crazy as it may sound, there are poker players in California that are unaware that online poker is being considered by the state legislature. Before you dismiss that claim as ludicrous, consider the fact that many Americans don’t know enough about current affairs to tell you our current Vice-President.

The PokerStars Pro Tour is serving to educate the uninformed that the legislature is considering California iPoker regulation and lawmakers need to hear from their constituents. The more you know, the more you can accomplish.

Tour Puts Pressure on Other Stakeholders

The “Let California Play!” initiative has put the spotlight online poker throughout the state and taken attention away from certain stakeholders that want to block PokerStars. The Pechanga Coalition consisting of several of the states most powerful Indian tribes are attempting to block PokerStars from offering online poker.

This new initiative by PokerStars will have some questioning why the Pechanga are so scared to allow them to offer online poker in California. If a company is willing to shell out the money to promote a product that they aren’t guaranteed to offer, wouldn’t their participation be an asset instead of a hindrance?

Opposing stakeholders may be forced to consider a compromise following the goodwill spread by PokerStars. On one side, we have a coalition spreading negative spin and using outdated information and on the other, we have a company spending millions to start an industry they may not be allowed to participate in. Tell us now, which group is the one more concerned over the welfare of Californians?

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